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View Diary: Fighting the NRA leadership means knowing who is in it (285 comments)

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    I think it is important to remember what happened in Waco when we talk about defending against the godless US government.  Those in Waco lost, and lost bad.  When we are dealing with change through violence, it is important to remember that the most violent will win.  We see that even hardcore gun owners balk at the killing of children.  It is important to remember that US, as an institution, does not have such qualms.  We have seen many children killed.  If nothing else, we sentence 17 year old kids to death, and execute then before they are 25.

    So yes, these fanatics will have their moment of glory, and will be able to blame their deaths on others and in theory save their immortal souls, but they reality is they are simply people who are looking for an excuse to kill humans.

    We see how real change can occurs.  We see Grandi.  We see Martin Luther.  We see Martin Luther King, jr.  We see Rosa Parks.  We see Galileo.   We see Jesus.  Violence is the means of change used by people who need to oppress the people to their will, such as too many christian and protestest churches.  For change that is transformative, violence is not a suitable means.

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