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View Diary: Fighting the NRA leadership means knowing who is in it (285 comments)

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    The "Fifty Caliber Institute"  endorsed as small subset of board members for election.

    These were (bio available on link to FCI):
    Barrett    Ronnie
    Burtt    John
    Froman    Sandy
    Hill    Graham
    King    Tom
    Nugent    Johnny

    Only about 7% of the NRA "membership" votes in the election.  A well designed campaign to separate the crazies from the deer hunters would likely result in the ejection of the "shoot down airliners" wing on gun-nuttery.

    The AR15 Community endorseda slightly different slate.  A large number of the AR15 endorsements failed to win.  This indicates their is some tension in the monolithic NRA front.
    The AR15 winners were:
    Allbaugh    Joe
    Brownell    Pete
    Childress    Richard
    Hill    Graham
    King    Tom

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