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  •  If the answer to gun violence is more guns (3+ / 0-)
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    The United States would be the safest nation on earth vis a vis gun crimes.

    Instead, we are 5% of the world's population and have 50% of the world's guns -- and still, 60% of the world's worst mass shootings over the past 50 years have happened in the U.S.

    So there's clearly a flaw in the argument. Militarizing ourselves isn't creating a deterrent, and it isn't stopping these sick criminals. These sick bastards WANT to have a shootout. And they WANT to die.

    Many gun owners, especially concealed carry enthusiasts, like to buy weapons that have "tactical" features. Tactical has become a buzzward in the industry. I gaurantee you that most of these people will be rendered ineffective by shock, lack of training, and lack of skill when the moment strikes to play hero and defend a classroom or movie theater they are in. Thats the way initiative works. They don't stand a chance, and are more likley to shoot other victims than the attacker.

    If more guns were the answer, we'd already be the safest country on earth. I'm not looking to these survivalists types to save me. I'm looking for the government to save me from them.

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