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    Armando, kj in missouri

    I found Daily Kos in late 2003 after returning to the US from 5 wonderful years of sailing the oceans of the world. I was shocked when we pulled Reflections into a slip at yacht club in Hawaii. Something had changed in my country and it wasn't a good change.

    The first words I heard when I walked up to the club to get the phone numbers for immigration and customs were, "Everyone of those god damned Democrats should be lined up against a wall and shot!" I was stunned and shocked. I felt like I had just arrived on another planet.

    It was only a couple weeks later that I inadvertently stumbled on Daily Kos. I too, found out I wasn't crazy. There were others in my country who felt and thought the same way I did. It brought some comfort. I read and lurked everyday until something made me sign up so I could throw my own "2 cents" into the mix. I've been here ever since. Through the good, the bad and the pie!

    This is my primary news site. I can find out more current information in one hour than I could if I spent all day searching the internet for all the relevant stories posted here. You get your news here a week early.

    We left Hawaii again in April of 2010, headed back out to the cruising life. As a daily reader and commenter here, I wondered how I was going to adapt to life with Kos. I suspected a certain amount of withdrawal. As we sailed south to French Polynesia, about a week out I started to get the shakes, a fever and thirst for information that was insatiable. It was then that it dawned on me I had the tools to a least know what my friends here were doing and what the news of the day is.

    We don't have internet capabilities on the boat and rely on land based internet connections and many places we travel to don't have those systems. But I did have something aboard that might be of use. With a ham radio and radio modem, I can send and receive emails and obtain weather information.

    Thanks to a little service called Saildocs, I can send an email to this site with a request to send me the contents of a webpage. I tried it with the Daily Kos and it worked. It strips out all the HTML code and photos and everything else, but it passes along the text content of the front page. I can read the front page stories, see the titles of the Recommended and recent diaries. I can't comment and I can't read those rec'd & recent diaries, but at least I can read the titles and have an idea what is going on here.

    And that's how I start each day when we're at sea or anchored in a place without internet. I just can't leave this place. And can't imagine a day without the Daily Kos!!!

    Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.

    by reflectionsv37 on Sun Dec 23, 2012 at 01:03:37 PM PST

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