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View Diary: President Obama to nominate John Kerry for secretary of state (285 comments)

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  •  A lackluster choice, and again he is played (1+ / 0-)
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    President Obama has so many extraordinary attributes, but alas, as a political player on Capital Hill he is ever so very easily played.  The GOP wanted Scott Brown back in the Senate and demonized Ambassador Susan Rice to achieve that end.  

    The GOP wanted every conceivable concession, even the unprecedented dismantling of the Social Safety Net, and before this so-called "fiscal cliff" deal is completed, they will likely have received not just the whole house in the bet but also all the surrounding grounds besides.

    And of course Republican Senator Chuck Hegel--however moderate as compared to the now gleefully right-wingTea Partiers controlling todays's GOP--will be selected as Defense Secretary.

    Was this general election ever a true victory for the Democratic Party?  One has to wonder.  If after an electoral and political triumph for progressive forces on November 6, we are this early witnessing such a depressing twist toward an emboldened GOP, whither shall progesssives find themselves in the coming months and years?

    I consider myself fortunate that I have never ascribed to that bizarre purple muddle that is now President Obama's signature national and even world view.

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