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View Diary: What about John Kerry for President in 2016? (34 comments)

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  •  We've seen this program before (3+ / 0-)

    and it didn't end well for our side.  Kerry was a Romney-esque choice in the first place.  No one was really fired up about him, but he plugged through and won the nomination in a field of midgets.  No thanks.

    •  "...field of midgets" is a little harsh, but (0+ / 0-)
      We've seen this program before and it didn't end well for our side.
      I spoke for him at my county Democratic Party's 2003 Labor Day picnic when no one else would.  The gist of my brief remarks were that he'd fought for America in Vietnam (when W camped out (at best) in the TxANG), would fight for it again, and deserved to have someone speak on his behalf.  

      I actually worked for retired Gen. Wesley Clark (who entered after Labor Day and went on to win the OK primary narrowly), but was actually subsequently elected as a Kerry delegate to the DemoCon 2004 in Boston.  I honestly thought Kerry was going to win in November.

      But when I heard his still-fucked-up answer to the "for it before against it" Iraq War funding bill at the first debate w/ W, I sensed he was a gonner.  All Kerry had to say was:

      "C'mon, George, you know how things work in Washington--there are multple versions of bills all the time.  I voted for the version that made the Iraqi people responsible for paying for the war and against the version you wanted that made the US taxpayer responsible."

      (h/t Bob Somerby at the Daily Howler)

      But, no, that was apparently beyond his policy or verbal abilities.  Then on election night, when his hair-trigger surrender mechanism kicked in--while there was still plenty of controversy surrounding OH (home of Diebold voting machine manufacturer CEO Wally O'Dell, who'd "guaranteed" victory in OH for Kerry's fellow Bonesman W)--I was done w/ JFK.  I told his phone solicitor so the next time they called for a donation to his Senate reelection campaign, including the "why".

      I'm sure he'd be fine as SoS, but I'd much rather not lose a reliable vote in an already-difficult Senate, nor open even the possibility of handing the seat to Scotty Brown for any length of time.  Leave JFK in the Senate!  

      And the presidency?  Fuggetaboutit!

      "Push the button, Max!" Jack Lemmon as Professor Fate, The Great Race

      by bartcopfan on Fri Dec 21, 2012 at 11:19:31 AM PST

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