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View Diary: PA Shoooting Spree at the Same time as NRA Presser (4 Dead) (277 comments)

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  •  mahakali, I agree with your caution against labels (0+ / 0-)

    May I include any bias towards those with Aspergers'?

    I'll refrain from a full force frontal attack on the stupidity of your learned opinion.  "If he had other issues such as Aspergers, that could have masked their diagnosis since he wasn't very communicative with many people."

    It's my hope you are not representing Ms. Oliver.

    •  I'm not following your comment (1+ / 0-)
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      CA wildwoman

      Who is Ms. Oliver?

      I hold very strong support for those with Asperger's and feel that they've been oddly included in this all. It's as irrelevent that Adam Lanza had something like Asperger's as it is that he had brown hair. The only possible relevance is if, because of his Asperger's, no one paid attention to his other, non-Asperger's problems (if he displayed these; we don't know). Or, he could have been misdiagnosed.

      This is why I say we ought to really wait for medical records information.

      But setting Lanza aside for a moment, having followed mass murders for years, the issue of disordered thinking/psychosis has been distinct in almost all of these cases. We can walk historically down the line and see this.

      It's of interest to me for the reason which I've noted before: my uncle was an untreated schizophrenic who was violent and harmed others and then killed himself. His father was a treated schizophrenic was was violent but then received care and did not kill himself.

      I hold no stigma toward anyone with mental illness. I am angry with the United States for its failure to adequately protect people with certain serious psychiatric problems, to fail to help these folks, and to let them wind up victimizing others as well because of this failure. I've written about this extensively over the past week or so.

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      by mahakali overdrive on Fri Dec 21, 2012 at 04:47:41 PM PST

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