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  •  NRA money grab for arms business! (4+ / 0-)

    I've seen this tactic many times.
    Federal Government targeted by some for-profit business because the government can both mandate and pay for the item.

    Why not mandate something more useful and intelligent like a trained dog in every classroom.

    Or, even extinguishers. First you blind the shooter with a spray of foam, then you bash him on the head to knock him out.

    When I heard the NRA suggestion I thought it was so transparently stupid!! Anyone who wants to target kids just needs to switch to waiting for the school bus to go by, or to unload.

    A group of Jewish boys in their school bus came under lethal gun attack here in New York City some years ago.

    P.S. Why not mandate slingshots?
    Much cheaper than guns and much easier to train kids to shoot.

    What I want for personal protection is a flame shooter. I have lousy eyesight.

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