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  •  You know all those mall Santas? I have a plan... (2+ / 0-)
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    Paulie200, 88kathy

    They're already heavily padded.  We can trade that out for Kevlar vests.  Heck, there might be Kevlar beards & hats I haven't heard of.

    The suit is easily recognizable -- no problem figuring out who to turn to, in an emergency.

    They already have wide black belts.  These are easily modified to the Sam Browne style, to carry a full tac load.  Whatever that is.

    The rest of the gear can go in those big sacks you always see them with.  You could probably fit a small drone in there, a mortar at least.

    School is already closed for a couple weeks at Christmas, so they wouldn't have to give up the Santa gig, and they could be extra mall security then!  It's a win-win.

    Best of all, kids already love and trust Santa to look out for them.  Show me what's wrong with this...

    Seriously, if 300,000,000 handguns ain't working, I will never see how 600,000,000 could.  Wrong. Di. Rection.

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