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    As a renter, I'm basically buying the next tenant's energy savings.  But if I had the money I'd buy everyone an LED bulb.  The ones I linked to I have exposed in the ceiling or hidden behind lamps.  I specifically picked those, in addition to the good reviews on Amazon, because of how it looked, which was like a slightly larger incandescent bulb, so pretty traditional looking.  I saw the Phillips one I think you're referencing that was yellow on three sides and almost looks like a large flashlight or something.  It's gotten amazing reviews, and is the first thing that comes up when you type in LED light bulb, but looks really bizarre.  I'm glad there are alternatives that look more like the old light bulbs, cause I know tons of people would be turned off by its appearance.

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      I may and probably will leave some of these when I move out, but at least two of them are in lamps that will go along with me.  I don't mind leaving them, though, because (I can aford to) I'm buying them mainly to reduce energy consumption, not to save money. Frankly, utilities are included in my rent so I save no money with them.

      I also like the quality of the light, especially with the funny-looking Philips, and they are replacing CFLs.

      I got to try out the ecosmart lights in our house yesterday. (Color temperature = 3000K.) The light is actually not as warm as the Philips, but it is pleasant enough as a general replacement for an incandescent bulb, which is around 2700K.  (Obviously, the Philips is designed to match the color of the incandescent, although it probably doesn't have the natural black body bell-shaped curve of frequencies).

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