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View Diary: On the issue of arming people in schools (103 comments)

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  •  So why is it a bad idea now? (0+ / 0-)

    So the NRA comes forward with a plan to focus on mental healthcare and police in schools and the press and the gun control crowd are adamantly opposed to the idea. Why? When it was first proposed in 2000, following the Columbine attack, it was a great idea. Of course, that's when the same idea was presented by President Clinton:  

    Now, we just get snickering and more of the elitist commentary about how dumb gun owners are. What happens when reporters don't know the camera is on? They make fun of gun owners and the NRA:

    I'm not really on either side as I'd rather wait for data but this does seem really hypocritical.

    •  You're not on either side? (4+ / 0-)

      But you have posted this same comment more than once.  Do you have any real reference for your assertions that Clinton proposed this idea?  Something other than the easybake gun club? (WTF is that?)
      I did a quick search on Clinton's gun policies and found:

      He signed the Brady Act
      He signed the Assault weapons ban
      He funded 100,000 new community police

      among a large number of other initiatives to reduce gun violence.

      But your question is about why this is a bad idea.  (I've removed the now, since I'm not sure it was ever proposed the way you claim it was.  In both the diaries I've seen you post this comment, there are a number of reasons why this is a bad idea.  I'll add another one -

      This is a bad idea, because not all of us flit from emotional incident to emotional incident like brainless butterflies.  By that I mean, that this NRA solution is to turn schools into armed camps, because the latest outrage happened at a school.  But we don't just care about schools, do we?  We would have to turn movie theaters, sports stadiums, shopping malls, little league ball fields, grocery stores...virtually any public place where we gather..all of them...into armed camps to prevent these kinds of incidents happening.

      Leaving aside the fact that nobody wants to live like this, do you really think that's even remotely possible?  Is this some sort of NRA solution to the job crisis?  It would employ hundreds of thousands of people.  We have schools where teachers already have to buy all their own supplies.  How would anyone afford this?

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