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  •  It isn't so much the dollars (0+ / 0-)

    it's the primary threats.

    If you look at where our politicians are the most rigid, it boils down to whether the special interest can fund a primary threat to the incumbent.

    This is why Club for Growth, Norquist and the NRA wield power all out of proportion to their actual dollars spent in campaign contributions.

    They have a checklist.  If you fail their test, you get primaried.  No exceptions.

    And lately, they've been winning those primaries, quite reliably.

    The dollars matter.  Money is necessary but not sufficient to win an election.   But anyone in a seat where their party has a huge structural advantage in a general election is still vulnerable in primary season.  And the effort to unseat someone in a primary is much more organizational than financial (getting a candidate on the ballot, jumping through the hoops etc), although a minimum amount of money is necessary to gain the challenger enough name recognition to be a serious contender.

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