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  •  Jesus or Hitler (0+ / 0-)

    Thank you for this excellent diary... I read it on my iPhone and just had to run and get my laptop so I could comment. I've always felt that each of us has within us the potential to be a Buddha, Jesus, or Krishna, but also a Hitler, Stalin, or Idi Amin.  It is very much human - these are not good or evil "others," they are potentialities within each of us.  Hence the necessity to be ultimately responsible for our behavior, and the paths it may lead us down (or up).

    Thank you - excellent contribution to our discourse.  I would very much appreciate, especially in light of our recent exposure to the insanity of an elementary school shooting, and the exposure of the paranoid paramilitary thinking of gun rights enthusiasts, more of your professional insights into human psychology and behavior.  It is entirely possible that we as progressives will not be successful unless we can understand the minds and motivations behind conservatives, especially the "authoritarians" that have hijacked the Republican party.


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