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  •  LaPierre paid just under $1 million by NRA... (24+ / 0-)

    Yes, LaPierre gets paid very well to defend guns What The NRA's Wayne Lapierre Gets Paid To Defend Guns.  

    If you’re a transparency fan like me, you appreciate knowing what kind of skin public people have in the game during episodes like this. So what did the NRA pay Lapierre to say that the best way to stop school shootings is to have the government put every mentally ill person in the nation on a watch list and arm school personnel to defend schools like banks?

    Just under a million bucks...

    Sadly, the TV networks keep giving this shill for the gun manufacturers a free forum to spew his lunacy.

    •  Having LaPierre on TV shows how crazy he is! (0+ / 0-)
      •  "This was not a press confrence-it was a (5+ / 0-)

        Commercial." As Lawrence O'Donnell noted: (emphasis mine)

        "...At 11:02 am...The world stopped to listen to listen to listen to this man. Ok, the world did not stop, but Washington stopped what it was doing  All of the cable news networks stopped what they were doing to cover every word of what he had to say..." In a country of 300,000,000 million people, a guy who represents 4 million people (and he doesn't really represent them, he just tricks them out of some dues with nonstop liies)...

        When is the last time this guy got (Barry Rand, CEO of AARP)  every camera in Washington and live coverage from all cable news network s for something he had to say?   And he represents  40,000,000--ten time the people that   The AARP members have more to worry about in the budget negotiations...this week than the NRA members have ever had to worry about.

        But, if Barry Rand steps up to a microphone to say something about it--I guarantee you that  no network is going to go live with that.

        And if this guy, (Richard Trumka) who was actually elected to represent 12,000,000 members, of the AFL-CIO steps up to a microphone today steps up in front of a microphone today, no one will go live with that either.

        The cable networks covered "every word" that LaPierre had to say. IMHO, when every camera carries every word of his loony statements on live TV--They lend him an undeserved distinction and credibility as a Very Important Person

        They could have reported on LaPierre's speech, giving him a few 30 second soundbites--the way they do for most people, like the POTUS, the VP of the US, Democratic representatives, most of the time.  Instead, they gave LaPierre a free forum to spread his message of fear and his solution of buying more guns and arming more people.

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