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  •  Something I never understood about some people ... (22+ / 0-)

    is how they could never appreciate the fact that we are all connected and that the self is to a degree an illusion, just as our brain processes what we see to make it upright and comprehensible.  Thus we travelers on the planet Earth have a stake in the lives of all other humans and indeed other creatures.  I don't have to believe in a god to be aware of this fact or of the fact that we humans, being quite inbred (bottle-necked) in the past, are in reality all cousins.  Contrary to kin selection theory, we tend to treat our cousins rather badly sometimes.

    •  I agree. And, could just as easily agree with (17+ / 0-)

      Cassandra calling this secular altruism, or even an inspirational variation of secular humanism.

      Sometimes, in light-hearted, informal moments I've called this an eclectic amalgam of "post quantum mechanics Buddhism," in an effort to be humorous, but as the years go by and I achieve a greater realization of how sensitive some folks can be about their labels, and also recognized this as perhaps an ego driven impulse by myself to get attention for being clever, which I should have "transcended" or "self-actualized" beyond by now -- which is part of the secret inside self-deprecating joke, few other than those who know me really well would get.  

      So, recently have gravitated to "scientific humanism" or sometimes "scientific-metaphorical humanism" if the audience includes many scientist I might be able to "rile up" and poke fun at any latent hubris that might be floating around.  

      I guess I should probably add an asterisk to any label I apply to myself warning  readers that I may have certain "incompletely resolved issues with regard to authority and arrogance" which too often creeps into organized religions, including those I make up for myself.


      The means is the ends in the process of becoming. - Mahatma Gandhi

      by HoundDog on Thu Dec 27, 2012 at 01:27:15 PM PST

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