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View Diary: Republicans urge Senate leadership to reach a deal with Obama on taxes (43 comments)

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    Re your point 1, I heard Boehner last week say something like the the Senate Bill is "blue-tagged", which was explained to mean that since revenue and spending bills are supposed to originate in the House, the House is not obligated to take up the Senate's Bill.  Boehner could introduce the Senate Bill in the House but he's being a dick about it.

    Boehner is hinting he could pass the President's new smaller bill, but the Senate would have to take that up again, where it might be filibustered.  This would make no sense since they'd already passed a stronger bill, but what about any of this makes sense?

    sTiVo's rule: Just because YOU "wouldn't put it past 'em" doesn't prove that THEY did it.

    by stivo on Mon Dec 24, 2012 at 01:46:24 PM PST

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