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View Diary: How did Mitt Romney decide when to concede defeat? By watching Fox. And listening to Karl Rove. (100 comments)

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  •  Well, Mitt Wasn't Alone w/ Karl In That Bubble (8+ / 0-)

    59% of White Americans were in there with him - including 56% of White (what war on) women, 61% of White (what war on the social safety net) seniors, 61% of White baby-boomers and 51% of White millennials.

    So much for the myth that the GOP is the party of Old White Males. It's just, simply, America's White Peoples Party.

    And no, it wasn't just Whites in teh South who voted for (R)money-Lyan. Outside of the Confederacy, Romney won the majority of Whites in:  CA(53%); CO(54%); IL(52%); MD(55%); MI(57%); NJ(56%); NM(56%); NV(56%); OH(57%); PA(57%); and WI(51%). In NY, (R)money-Lyan and Obama split the White vote, 49-49.  Obama won all of these states, no thanks to the majority of White peeps living in them; otherwise, he would have not won the election - which is obviously what the majority of White people, from coast-to-coast and from border-to-border, wanted.

    Given these percentages, however, one would be quite safe in saying that whenever progressives make fun of RepubliKlans, they are really making fun of the majority of their Family&Friends.

    I am not now, nor have I ever been, a member of the Republican Party.

    by OnlyWords on Mon Dec 24, 2012 at 08:31:47 AM PST

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