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  •  Last year: six hours in the ER with 95-yr-old dad (10+ / 0-)

    My parents are in their mid-90's now and evidently decided about age 94 to join the doctor-of-the-month club. Their favorite days for crises are Christmas day and eve, New Year's day and eve, and July 1, the day our teaching hospital swaps out for new residents.

    Last year it was my dad's turn. He had just had a bad fall the week before, had spent a week in hospital and been discharged to skilled nursing facility. I warned the SNF folks that he was at high risk for falls, and they basically said, "Yeah, yeah, we hear you, we know how to do this." So I showed up in the afternoon on Christmas Eve to find him sitting on the floor in the bathroom, blood everywhere, and EMT's on the way. He had decided he could go to bathroom without getting help, fell and hit his head, major scalp tear.

    So we spent six hours in the ER, again; they actually know us all by first name now. They stapled and glued him back together and stuck a big white turban on him and discharged him back to the SNF. This time they put him on a bed monitor. He spent Christmas Day sitting in bed in the SNF, unable to get out without setting off the alarm. He looked like a very grumpy old Sikh.

    This year's Christmas present: so far, both parents have stayed out of the ER. Fingers crossed. But New Year's is coming, and last year we were in the ER for New Year's eve, too. Picnicking in our personal cubby. Party on!

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