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  •  Ham balls are meat balls made with ham, (6+ / 0-)

    and indeed they are an excellent way to use up ham. We have a grinder so I ground it myself. And as long as you're grinding the meat that way, may as well grind the crackers, too. I may have used as much as a pound and a half of ham and a pound of pork.

    This is the recipe I used, modified. I don't use green pepper. The onion, once cut finely, may have been 2/3 cup? Guessing on that. The crackers I used were Ritz because they were handy and crush easily.

    I used a Tablespoon measure to scoop the first balls, mostly to get a sense of size. Then I didn't bother with it. A heaped T is about right to make a ping-pong ball-sized meatball. If they are golf ball-sized, they may end up bigger than you want. Also the recipe says 50 balls, so the smaller size is more like that output.

    The sauce, also, is quite similar to how I made mine. I didn't add Worcestershire (but I like it and could have!) and I didn't use molasses. I did add maybe a half teaspoon of liquid smoke.

    I didn't cook the sauce, because I reheated the ham balls WITH the sauce on them to serve.

    Really these were very good, a hit with my very fussy relatives.

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