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  •  I encourage you to learn more about insurance, (0+ / 0-)

    particularly Medicare. Parts B and D are voluntary, and yes, the government does try to withhold payment -- just less frequently, in part because of the difference in profit motive but also because most providers know what's going to be approved and how to code it. Medicare for all -- which I favor -- would likely end up being quite a different claims experience than Medicare as currently administered. Better than the system we have now, but not the buffet of services you seem to think Medicare provides now.

    Social Security fights about payments under the disability part of the program all the time -- enough to justify big TV ad buys for law firms that fight for them.

    You may need to shop around for your car insurance -- sounds like you might be getting bad advice.

    I think we don't have enough of a shared knowledge base to have a useful discussion on the rest. I do understand your frustration with insurance companies -- I've wasted plenty of hours wrangling with them myself. Good luck.

    •  You know I was referring to the Medicare that (0+ / 0-)

      every adult over 65 who signs up for Medicare immediately qualifies for, the Medicare that is paid for by workers and their employers.  Call it Original Medicare or Medicare A, whichever, you know that's what I was referring to, that Medicare.  The Medicare that is funded by nearly every employee and employer in America, tha Original Medicare paid for by taxes which are not a choice.

      You also know that I was referring to legitimate claims to Medicare and SS, not fraudulent Medicare claims or questionable SS disability claims.  

      I don't think I'm ignorant, but thats what all ignorant people say about themselves.

      I work in healthcare and I know quite a bit about Medicare and insurance.  Probably not as much as I should but enough to know what I am talking about.

      Medicare does not try to withhold payments.  They try to limit fraud, they try to curtail abuse, they try to improve health care in general by requesting the Medical Necessity behind claims.  They don't try to withhold payment.  Politicians do, but Medicare doesn't.

      I hope I made myself more transparent.

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