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View Diary: Starbucks to solve that whole fiscal cliff thing with a slogan (150 comments)

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  •  How about 'Surrender, you lost the elections!' (5+ / 0-)

    scrawled just on republican cups?

    The whole election up until they lost, Republicans like Ryan kept putting out soundbites saying that this election would show exactly how the American people felt about taxing the rich and spending 'too much'.  And then they lost, and suddenly there was no one who could even remember having said anything like that, and it was all 'Well we held the House'. (through gerrymandering, Ryan, you ass.)

    It was not a 'status quo' election.  The President ran on increasing taxes on the rich, and not slashing services for the poor, and HE WON.  It was indeed a referendum on whether or not we should keep on giving all the wealth to the plutocrats, and THEY LOST.

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