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    and other supplies from Gardener's Supply Company are excellent. A while back I bought one of their APS systems, which bottom water the seedlings, and I started seeds from the same plants in both the APS and a regular flat. The difference was stunning. Not only were the plants in the APS much lusher and stockier, but more of the seeds germinated as well. And there were no cases of damping off. Those plants did so much better, from transplanting all the way throughout the entire growing season, that I eventually bought enough APS systems to start all my plants (although I start about 3 seeds in one cell instead of just one, and then transplant some of them once they start to get crowded).

    Be warned, though, that they are not cheap! I invested in them over time, and this was back when I was earning more money, but they have lasted about two decades now, with careful handling, and you can buy replacement parts separately. The company's seed-starting soil has also been excellent.

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