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View Diary: Have you decided what seeds to start yet? (224 comments)

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  •  Well that is just lovely. I have collected seeds (1+ / 0-)
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    for the following wildlflowers on the property:

    Spotted Mint
    Wine Cups
    Wild Sunflowers
    Snake root [a relative of iron weed]
    Green Milkweed

    I hope I have as much luck with them as you did with those begonias.

    I hope you get lots of blooms this next season as well.

    •  Hope you have good luck (1+ / 0-)
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      That sounds like an interesting collection. Many wildflowers are gorgeous.
      I have some old petunia seeds I call my porch petunias. They have medium flowers and are the most fragrant petunias ever. The originals must have come from some older strains before they bred the odor out. I might get busy and try a few. I cut back pretty drastically on how much I plant around the yard when I ceded the war to the deer. Anything they like to eat has to go in a fenced area, and the areas outside the fence are limited to what they dislike. Boo......but I love watching them.

      •  You can find high-scent petunias in Heirloom (0+ / 0-)

        seed catalogs, the bees love them.
        Just an FYI.

        Keep those Porch Petunias going, someday we might be buying your heirloom seeds :)
        That's how that happens.

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