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    I'm on record as having filed an obituary for the Tea Party caucus of the GOP. The nutty Randian contingent of the GOP, that too is on the run. As for the death of the entire Republican Party, however...

    Regrettably the GOP is still too prodigiously funded to die a soldier's death. It will remain with us for years to come. If its leadership has any gumption, the GOP will reform its far right ideology to suit an ostensibly more moderate 2016 Presidential candidate (Jeb Bush perhaps), but it will always remain the primary weapon of right wing benefactors.

    As the GOP wanes in influence, however, I'm not very confident that Democratic Party won't actually slide a bit to the right. The Dems are almost as easily bought as the GOP, and it is difficult to imagine that center right interests are not now buying up influence among Democratic Party leadership.

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