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  •  My greatest regret (2+ / 0-)
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    Creosote, gramofsam1

    would be that no matter what I tried, no matter how little I slept, I never had enough time to get what I wanted done.

    This has been my greatest regret for more than half my life. I came to realize one day during an illness as a child, that for everyone else who was asleep, it was "already" morning. That they spent all that time doing nothing. And I watched it.

    Since then I sleep as little as I can manage. And I seriously regret that too. It seemed like it would generate more time but I just ended up with even more stuff I watned to do and didnt have the time for.

    So I guess ultimately, the regret would be over regretting things I could potential miss in the future thus resulting in missing things in the future i wouldve done had I not been so regretful about putting off things that I wanted to do to do other things i wanted to do.

    But... that's a of self reflection, not something im very good at and is making me feel kidna bad about myself already. So I'm going to go out with saying something silly, but still true:

    I regret that I have never punched my way up a column of falling ninjas. Id honestly be quite happy if thats the last thing anyone said about my life... the second to last being "So, how did he get down...?" followed by uncomfortable silence.

    (Also, I regret all the times I wanted to say something on here, but was so afraid of doing it wrong ((bad social anxiety)) that I hit cancel even after 10+ minutes of writing. I'm not doing it this time.)

    The only Bug-type Pokemon that can learn the move Fly - Volcarona and Genesect - Are not Flying types.

    by kamrom on Wed Dec 26, 2012 at 04:32:42 PM PST

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