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  •  I guess I get what you're saying, but I don't... (3+ / 0-)

    think that you can just boil it all down to proportional mathematics. Given the hatred that many people hold and display towards blacks, I'd think someone going in and slaughtering black children would be a more likely scenario than a Sandy Hook.

    Also, you're absolutely right that there is a significant racial component to gun violence in this country. But in the case of Sandy Hook, gun violence is sort of secondary to the mass murder aspect of it all. The gun stuff is the only part that's rectifiable. While we wouldn't get Wayne LaPierre, I assure you the news would have been just as focused and hyperbolic had it been a mass poisoning. I can also guarantee you, as much as I can speak on behalf of white people, that the attention would have been just as focused on a black elementary school that had 20 kids taken out. The media doesn't care about an individual black child, but it sure as hell would care about 20.

    Now, I will grant you that if it happened in Compton or the Bronx, the media would blame black people and AA culture, but if it happened in, say, North Carolina, I truly believe there would be no difference in coverage. I know you don't believe that, and I doubt you want to hear that, but I think its absolutely true.

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