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    race, white priviledge and economics plays a key role in the reaction to this horrendous mass murder.  The killing of innocent people gets all of our attention at first but how we react to it afterwards determines whether its an "oh well what can we do" attitude.  Someone mentioned how the world was appalled in the 50's when four little innocent black girls were murdered in church.  The difference was white men killed little black girls because they wanted to stop black adults seeking justice and equality.  Whites across the country took notice and said this was wrong and our government did something about injustice and inequality toward blacks.  When there is black on black crime, no one cares afterwards.  When there is white on white crime, even against small innocent children no one cares afterwards (remember the little Amish girls?), when there is a white man who kills folks of all races but mostly white adults, like Aurora or Tucson, the outrage fades fast.  It is mainly due to the fact we have white men who run media and a majority white males running the country in our govenorships, state and federal legislators.   The senseless killing of those six and seven year olds close to Christmas, a time FOR children rocked this country because this was a small mainly white town, with good schools, and good families living what they thought in harmoney away from the "big" city crime and poverty.  White America is seeing for the first time their children are being targetted now and the country must stop gun violence for THEIR kids because if you start killing a bunch of young white kids they will be in a minority sooner rather than later.   The thing is if white men and women as well as the rest of us do not force this congress to ban these weapons and bullets and make it permanate then we will just continue to see more of this no matter what color, race, socio-economic, or town we live in...Big City or Small Town USA....a mass murderer is coming to your town to murder you at the mall, church, grocery shopping, movie theater, gas station, post office, work place or just walking out your front door.l

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