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  •  Dianne, that's nice. (4+ / 0-)

    Posting signage: Drug Free Zone and right underneath that Gun Free/Weapon Free Zone has worked so well.

    Do I want a school where children feel they're attending a lock-down juvenile hall?  No.  But we have that now.
    Do I want a school where children see a cop every day?

    It all hinges on the quality of the cops hired.  
    Power-tripping 'roid rangers need not apply, and I can't think of a school district who would willingly employ such officer.

    I've read the: "Columbine had a cop and he was a) outside and useless, and b) the source of yet another gun if he'd been inside" comments.

    I also thing the enemy of good is perfect, and in Connecticut, an armed cop in the building would have been better than nothing.  The difficulty of being that officer, after an incident can't be understated.

    If one person, or ten is killed despite his/her presence, then it's going to be felt as a personal failure - without the need for condemnation (as will be forthcoming) from the media, and school board.
    It's a tough position, equal to that of the Secret Service.
    You must lose no one, kill no one, and arrest the malefactors, or you're a waste of oxygen and there will be a line of people ready to tell you so.

    No child should witness any violence, from that officer or an assailant, or you're a careless sick son-of-a-bitch.  
    If need be, take a bullet quietly, and move the children away while singing a happy song - or I'll sue the District and your sorry ass for all that you have.  If you're dead?  I'll make your spouse and kids homeless.  MY CHILD has a right to grow up innocent, free from concerns about the real world, as children can all around the globe - except here in fucking gun-loving America.

    Other than the fact that children around the world, don't grow-up innocent and free.  It's not the human condition, it's our perception, our "American Exceptionalism".

    •  Thats the rub, really.. (1+ / 0-)
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      "Power-tripping 'roid rangers need not apply, and I can't think of a school district who would willingly employ such officer."

      It seems the Police are seeking this mindset lately, compared to my youth... and using military training on them to the point where they see society as the enemy.

      To me, its like NDAA or rape scanners - sometimes the prevention becomes worse than the crime.

      ..the smoker you drink, the player you get....

      by Diane Gee on Thu Dec 27, 2012 at 07:21:08 AM PST

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    •  "the quality of the cops hired." (0+ / 0-)

      I wonder what caliber of professional law enforcement would be interested in patrolling an elementary or HS full time. I would think it exceedingly dull, better suited for mall security or neighborhood watch volunteers

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