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    Diane Gee, BlackSheep1

    and a courageous diary also. I've not had the horrifying experiences you have outlined so I am not going to judge you. You have every right to defend yourself, period. There are people that will not agree with your point of view on firearms. It is a legitimate one however, as is their disagreement with it.

    My wife and I also live in a rural area and own several firearms. Each has a purpose. A 12 gauge "defender type" shotgun for coyotes and such (I raise some smaller livestock that are for the most part defenseless) or God forbid, an intruder, a bolt action scoped hunting rifle, and a competition rated 22 cal semi-auto handgun for target shooting. We find target shooting to be a lot of fun and even relaxing. I think a lot of people that have not been exposed to target shooting would actually enjoy it if they would permit themselves to try it. It is an Olympic sport after all. Of course I don't presume to speak for everyone.

    I'm all for banning high capacity clips and tighter restrictions at gun shows. Background checks and waiting periods...absolutely. I would be okay with banning assault type rifles as long as it's done nationally and the legislation is written in such a way that gun manufacturers can't just add a widget or tweak a measurement in order to render what is sure to be hard fought legislation, into just another failure.

    As for your political views, I kind of agree with most of what you say (I know, that sounds kind of wishy washy) although I would have worded it a bit differently. People, perhaps rightly, get offended and then become defensive.

    Thanks for sharing. Tipped and rec'd.

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