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  •  Obama does as he chooses (4+ / 0-)
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    He chose not to investigate or prosecute war crimes, Wall Street crimes, illegal spying, targeted killing of American citizens, etc.  He has continued the Bush policy of having the Justice Department under his political control. If Obama wanted to use the 14th amendment he could; he chooses not to.

    Obama does think he is like Lincoln, only unlike war, where you must be on one side or the other, he sees himself aligned with the Republicans to the largest extent, and in a battle with his own party's progressives as to how much he can concede. Obama wants a Grand Bargain, and he continues to use whatever opportunities present themselves in pursuit of it.  That is all he cares about, period.  He is intent on forcing his vision of shared pain on this country, no matter how disproportionately it gets dispensed. Using the 14th amendment would only reduce leverage he needs to achieve his grand bargain and the screwing of the majority of this country in the process.

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