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    It's a shame the President seems afraid of the Republicans on this "debt ceiling issue" when the Republican majority House ALREADY spent the money.  It is the House in America that controls the purse strings, and they've SPENT the money that they are pretending to be so outraged about spending.  They ARE the "debt ceiling" in this country, and by approving the money we've spent to this point, the House has ALREADY raised the debt ceiling.

    If they destroy the world's largest economy, they destroy their own future as a majority.  And they know that.  And Wall St. knows that.   So what do you think will actually happen?

    And by pretending the "debt ceiling" is a real issue, Obama is complicit in this silliness and deceit.  It is only designed to shove unpalatable stuff down America's gullet.  (SS and Medicare cuts come to mind).

    The "fiscal cliff" is another bogus "crisis" that was intentionally MANUFACTURED by Republicans AND Democrats (including the White House) to give themselves cover to vote in ways that might piss off their constituents.  (Or, in other words, vote in ways that don't represent the people who sent them to Washington in order to represent them).

    Could THIS be why people are cynical about our government?

    The reason none of these bogus "emergencies" will actually matter (the stock markets would be down 10 percent if people in the know really expected the drama of the "fiscal cliff" to play out) is that nobody in Congress ever intended for these artificially created crises to happen.  They were always only intended as theater for public consumption.  

    Great diary about a crucial issue.  It's important that when Chicken Little cries, not everyone listens.  

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