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  •  I'm right there with ya!!! I don't drink a whole (0+ / 0-)

    lot of milk - .5-1 gallon a week and it's now skim.  Don't have cereal a whole lot....  but, butter, ice cream, cheeses, sour cream in potatoes, creamed sauces.

    But, I do agree that many of the subsidies that are handed out shouldn't be.  Sugar, nope, less on corn, etc.  I'd be fine with subsidies on products that aren't processed (potatoes yes, potato chips no - even though potato chips come from potatoes).  Yes, it does get into 'big brother' territory of trying to dictate a 'proper' diet for people.  But, there is precidence (sp) for this.  In the state of Iowa, the vast majority of food is not taxed.  But, certain types are - candy in particular, food prepared in resturants also.

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