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  •  why do we have to address Christians at (4+ / 0-)
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    roseeriter, profewalt, skrekk, DJ Rix

    all? You don't see all of these same diaries and concerns about kossacks of other religions. My question: Why are so many Christians so publicly self-consumed by their own personal selves and their own personal religious beliefs? Nothing prevents Christians for being any kind of a Christian. So be it. Why is it so important to be always cramming your religion, your religious thinking and and everything about your religion down everybody else's throats?

    Be a Christian as much as you want and in every way you want. But could you, and your fellow Christians please have just a little respect for those folks who aren't?

    Your religion and your religious beliefs are not necessarily the center of everyone else's attention. (And when did such an extraordinarily egotistical approach become part of a religion that claims that "humility" is important. False humility is obviously important to most Christians met by me...but true humility does not seem at all relevant to them).

    •  Well, I kinda do (8+ / 0-)

      see kossacks writing about what is important to them, but somehow writing about Boehner or global warming or the Grand Canyon or even the Dali Llama is not considered "cramming" it "down our throats".

      Why is it important to me? The public Christians do not speak for me. When they say something outrageous, then non-christians here are free to expound on what Christians should really be thinking and wonder why other Christians aren't repudiating these people.

      While admittedly, this diary is probably more "in-house" in its focus, I've seen enough other commentary on these things here to indicate at least a discussion. Your reply does not really address what I said, so I suspect that you have had your belly full of Christians treating you disrespectfully and not leaving you alone but I wonder why you clicked on to an article on "my Christian life" and were surprised to find it was a Christian talking about Christianity?

    •  Um... (3+ / 0-)
      You don't see all of these same diaries and concerns about kossacks of other religions
      ... there is the D'var Torah series, fairly regular, reflections by Jews on Torah portions:  D'var Torah

      There's a Muslims at Daily Kos group as well as a PaganKos group.  Personally, I'd be happy to see more Buddhists and Hindus talking about their ideas, as well.

      Not sure why "respect" = "not saying what one thinks."

      -9.38/-7.69 If religion means a way of life, and life's necessities are food, clothing, and shelter, then we should not separate religion from economics. - Malcolm X

      by dirkster42 on Thu Dec 27, 2012 at 10:27:31 AM PST

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      •  You miss the point, dirkster42 (3+ / 0-)
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        dirkster42, Prof Haley, SchuyH

        Certainly there are groups of Jewish Kossacks, Muslim Kossacks, Pagan Kossacks, Atheist Kossacks, and the occasional Buddhist Kossack like me, among others. But you do not hear in US culture about ramming any of those down people's throats. In the more backward Muslim countries, yes, of course. Hindutva Hinduism in India and Sinhalatva Buddhism in Sri Lanka are not so well known but are just as deluded, just as nasty, and just as offensive to others.

        But this is the US, and in the US it is Christians who constantly pretend to be in charge, or demand that they are in charge. (Yes, that isn't grammatical. Blame your man Douglas Adams.) Dominionists, Theonomists, Fox News, whichever. It is the Religious Right foundation of so much of the racism, bigotry, misogyny, and Mammonism of the Republican Party.

        So that is one of the major problems for us to discuss here.

        America—We built that!

        by Mokurai on Thu Dec 27, 2012 at 10:56:49 AM PST

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        •  As a fellow Buddhist (5+ / 0-)

          Please check the Precepts: "Do not be angry" "Do not be proud of oneself and demean others."

          The person who wrote the diary has a problem. His problem is that the name of the religion he believes in is used by many other people as an excuse to oppress others. The person who wrote the diary is writing about his problem. We should experience compassion for him, not be angry that he believes in a religion that has been hijacked and is used as an excuse for bullying behavior.

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