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  •  The saddest part of this whole thing is that there (5+ / 0-)

    is no excuse for why we have not cured all forms of cancer years ago.

    And for that matter there is no reason why we have not cured Heart Disease, and Obesity and Diabetes, and Alzheimers and all the other terrible diseases that rob us of our loved ones year after year.

    And the reason why none of these diseases has been cured is that we live in world that rewards some of the richest among us for not working on cures but for working instead on treatments that do nothing but extend the length of time that the medical profession and the pharmaceutical companies can milk a profit out of the dying agony of our loved ones.

    The fact is that we have not cured a disease since the March of Dimes cured Polio in the 50's and another fact is that for all this intervening period the richest among us have engaged in lying and cheating and stealing and these practices, which are deplored when the rest of us commit them, have been accepted and encouraged and rewarded.

    It is time to say that "Enough is Enough" and to call these people to true account for their actions and to usher in a new world order where the needs of all people are weighed equally regardless of their station in life.

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