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  •  Police officers and firefighters in most places (6+ / 0-)

    don't pay into Social Security, but that also varies from state to state. In Ohio they don't pay into Social Security but pay 10% (going up to 12.25 %) into a self-funded pension. Since they don't pay into Social Security, they don't receive any Social Security benefits. Which means if you get rid of the pensions, they will get absolutely nothing. In those states where public employees do pay into Social Security they pay in the full amount but don't get the full amount when they retire. They get dinged for having a government pension and the Social Security amount is reduced dependent on the amount of the pension.

    •  Exactly, Ohio Public Employees like my aunt (2+ / 0-)
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      peacestpete, schnecke21

      get a decent pension and what I consider an excellent health plan (at 94, she pays $100/month for health), but no SS.

      When Governors like Kasich try to dismantle these plans, the general public often assumes that a lot of undeserving clerical workers are getting the pension and health on top of SS.

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