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    Yes, the pension remark was absolutely contemptible, but so is the fact that for over a decade our public schools have been seriously underfunded while teachers have been continually vilified and disrespected. As a result of underfunding, school psychologists and other essential positions have been cut in schools nationwide. Of course, the children suffer.

    Russert's remark was another slap in the face to every already bruised teacher. Teachers are already losing their pensions. In Florida the teachers are suing the state to regain the percentage now deducted from their meager salaries to pay for their pensions. (The result of a recent law passed by the Republican legislature and governor.) Teachers are hired at pathetic salaries, with the tradeoff and promise of "great benefits", including retirement, health insurance, etc. Now these benefits are being taken away without concern for teachers and their families.

    Luke Russert is not unlike many of the elected officials who regard teachers as labor tools rather than as human beings. "Let the teacher pay" is not an uncommon theme in this country. Teachers have been paying and continue to pay every day; they are underpaid and overworked. While funding for education has decreased at state and national levels, teachers' workloads have increased. Teachers have been given more and more mandated work that must be completed outside of paid working hours on their time for free.  Planning time has been stolen with mandated professional development. School administrators know this, districts know this, state Dept. of Educations know this. What would be called wage theft in any other profession is called "sacrifice for children" in the teaching profession.

    As a teacher, I am not shocked by Luke Russert's remarks. Perhaps I am becoming hardened to the insults thrown at me and my fellow professionals on a daily basis. I can say this for certain - I will never own a gun, carry a gun, hold a gun or work in a school that is an armed fortress. I agree with Randy that the solution to gun killings is not to put more guns in or schools. I also agree that the U.S. must look at other nations where annual gun killings are minimal compared to ours. We need gun control legislation with teeth now or the madness will continue.

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