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    I started collecting in 1980.  Baseball cards at first, but then hockey cards.  1980 was the first year I really started watching baseball, and I was a big fan of the Montreal Expos.  I can still close my eyes and remember the poses of many of the players.  I remember how some of the packs of cards had quadrauple-sized posters of Montreal and Toronto players (I am in Canada).  I can still picture my favorite player--Gary Carter--in his batting stance in that poster in my mind's eye.

    Recently I started playing a video game--Out of the Park Baseball.  I chose to replay the 1980 MLB baseball season and manage the Montreal Expos.  Seeing all those old names again brought a small tear to my eye: Woody Fryman, Steve Rogers, Bill Gullickson, Andre Dawson, Warren Cromartie, and even rookies Tim Raines and Tim Wallach, and of course Gary Carter.  Such memories.

    When I was 21 I went back home after the year at university and found the old baseball cards I had not looked at for about 7 years.  I took them out of the box they were in and immediately the smell hit me: they still smelled like the bubble gum that came with the packs of cards.  I have not been back to my childhood home in 18 years now.  I bet my baseball cards are still there in the closet.  I wonder if they still smell like bubble gum.

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