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  •  Great diary -- brings back a lot of memories . . . (0+ / 0-)

    It's kind of funny that you would mention this too -- I guess there may be some nostalgia that's just starting to hit for the generation with kids around the age when they started collecting.

    My brother and I were talking about this topic over Christmas -- he suggested that there should be a documentary about the Great Baseball Card Bubble of the mid-to late 1980s.

    With respect to my own collection, I remember having two distinct phases -- the first in the early to mid 1980s was done for love of the sport.  Then, after a hiatus from 1985-86, I became a pre-teen baseball card speculator and learned some hard lessons about markets, price bubbles, and the like.

    I remember "investment" strategies that I had like stockpiling Ellis Burks rookie cards at about $1 per pop -- I accumulated around 20, or there were about 40-50 speculative purchases of Kevin Romine rookie card for about 5-10 cents a pop that I made thinking that it might be like a kind of like penny stocks or junk bonds, which cost nothing to own, but which had a potential upside -- no matter how remote.  Even the speculative collecting was fun for a time.

    At the peak I probably had about 4,000 cards including some full sets.  I sold most of the cards about 10 years ago, but I held on to a handful of cards that I liked for sentimental reasons and/or ones that I thought might have some commercial value someday.

    Favorite series was the Upper Deck 1991 set.   I really liked the quality of the card stock, the hologram, the photography.  It was a card designed for collectors.   Thought it was kind of cool to own a Michael Jordan baseball card from the 1991 series too, even though MJ's baseball career was more of a novelty than anything else.

    Also remember the fun of trading cards with friends and family in an attempt to complete sets or to accumulate cards for a particular player.  It's a great way to learn about the players and statistics.

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