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  •  My Stroke of Insight (3+ / 0-)
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    corvo, Quicklund, 84thProblem

    By Dr Jill Somebody.

    A very interesting book that those on both sides of this debate can point to, to support their views.

    Dr Jill was a neuroscientist who suffered a massive stroke, and witnessed her brain deteriorate from the inside out.  The stroke was in the cognitive half, allowing the intuitive hemisphere to become dominant.  She reports--for many weeks and months--experiencing the other-worldly bliss, oneness, etc etc etc, that her intuitive brain provided her.  In fact, it was very hard for her to focus on saving her life and regaining cognitive function, so seductive was the siren call of otherworldly bliss.

    This was no afterlife, nor near-death, nor coma, experience.

    I take it as proof of both sides of the argument:  That these insights into bliss are pure physiology, and that maybe there is some otherworldly something something out there somewhere somewhere.

    Like I said in my previous post:  So what?  I'm glad to know I can hope for this comfort to ease the fear and pain of dying.  If it's a preview of good things to come after death, great, bring it on.

    If this reinforces (as it did for Dr Jill) the better angels of our nature, to embrace love, empathy, charity, etc, that's good too.  But don't tell me religion is a superior means of getting to that insight.  You get that from early nurture, not from no damn church.  imho

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