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  •  This was a great year for metal . . . (2+ / 0-)
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    danps, MrSqueaky

    I wasn't a big metal fan back during the first metal golden age, in the 1980s (more into pop music), but at this stage a number of really good to great albums are being released.

    Really dug the band Pallbearer's new release -- the song "Foreigner", in particular truly epic:

    Also thought that the Foo Fighters album this year, Waisting Light, was a real gem.  Not often that bands are able to produce something a little fresh and original over 10 years into their existence.  Arlandria is a fine track off the album:

    This was actually a really good year in music.  You have to look to find it sometimes, but it's there.

    •  Also one of my top albums this year. (1+ / 0-)
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      LOVED that Pallbearer LP. The Profound Lore label has knocked it out of the park all year long. This, Atriarch (such a sweet set of tunes, like Boots Riley of the Coup writing lyrics for old-school Christian Death after they've been listening to a lot of Mayhem), Dysrythmia, Occultation, Howling Wind, Ash Borer, Evoken...not an album I've heard from the label this year has been a loser.

    •  if it's not already old hat... check out Hawkwind (1+ / 0-)
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      start with Space Ritual.  great psychedelic prog/hard rock...  english band from the mid 70s on...

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