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View Diary: It Is A Sin Against God To Be Rich (37 comments)

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    JDsg, VClib

    Is NOT inherently sinful. Having money...even in large not inherently sinful either. Plenty of people...from Abraham to Job to Boaz to David to Solomon to Nicodemas to Joseph of Arimathea to Mary Magdalene and more...were paid in full...and still faithful to God in their stewardship of that wealth.

    The bible says that the love of money is the root of all evil because that is covetousness...which is the essence of greed.

    Fear doesn't just breed incomprehension. It also breeds a spiteful, resentful hate of anyone and everyone who is in any way different from you.

    by awesumtenor on Sun Dec 30, 2012 at 08:23:34 PM PST

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