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View Diary: Actually read the documents released by the FBI about OWS (319 comments)

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  •  make a tv show: To Catch An FBI Provocatuer (0+ / 0-)

    fuckers burned the bank in IV, we got blamed and were dumb and young and bored and pissed off enough to be there, it didn't really take, but a good party, then after we all left they, the FBI team, with shiny shoes and sideburns, brought gas cans and made it burn, a brick the ground.
    Then the local sheriffs shot a RW young repub stooge who was defending the new bank/trailer against the DFH's, boom, dead...oops. Very sad and Kevin Moran didn't deserve it for being an unfortunate dumbass.

    Fuckers, they are shit.

    Next Occupy, go along with the obvious FBI guy who supplies the target, the 'bomb', the detonator, and when he delivers roll in the cameras with that pompous asshole who does the catch a child predator show, Chris something, or better yet have Dog the Bounty Hunter go all gorilla on him narrated by Karl Hiassen.

    That would be some must fucking see tv!

    This machine kills Fascists.

    by KenBee on Mon Dec 31, 2012 at 01:00:48 AM PST

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