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    From: There Is No American Left

    I know it is a bit of a stray from the topic, but I often feel compelled to highlight what is addressed in this piece - Obama on education. Because it gets so little attention, even  in left-leaning complaint lists against the Dems/Obama, and it is part of the problem we are addressing here - how similar to what you get with the GOP is what you get with the Dems.

    So take education. And wages. (If you read more of the article you can take healthcare and foreign policy, too.)

    The Obama administration: Center-right Democrats

    Rahm Emanuel is not just any Democrat. He was Barack Obama's first chief of staff, responsible for hiring many of the Obama administration's key personnel. One of Obama's appointees, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, is a former "Chief Executive Officer" of the Chicago public school system. In Chicago he had promoted the expansion of for-profit charter schools.

    In Washington, Secretary Duncan developed the $4.35 billion "Race to the Top" program to encourage states to privatize their schools. The funding was structured as a competition. All 50 states adopted the Race to the Top program in hopes of receiving scarce federal funding during a severe recession; only 12 actually received any grants. The tournament format was designed to ensure maximum institutional impact for the smallest possible investment.

    It's not just in education policy that the Obama administration has pursued a broadly neoliberal, center-right agenda. For example, President Obama has taken no action to improve minimum wages or working conditions. The US federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour, with no guaranteed sick days, holidays, or vacation time. The last increase was in 2009, under a law passed by the Bush administration in 2007. President Bush actually supported the increase - in combination with business tax cuts.

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