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View Diary: They planned to kill us "if deemed necessary." (290 comments)

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  •  You're overreaching (5+ / 0-)

    The wording in any intelligence report is suppose to communicate the substance of the information received. The characterization refers to how the subject in question is framing the matter, not to any status that the writer is attributing to subject.

    Nothing human is alien to me.

    by WB Reeves on Sun Dec 30, 2012 at 03:40:54 PM PST

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    •  What a strange idea about the content of "intelli- (2+ / 0-)
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      Bluesee, barleystraw

      gence reports." Maybe in some ideal Clancyesque world these "reports" just communicate the substance of the information received. how plain does it have to be, any more, that the US state-security intelligence apparatus does not work that way, that whole swathes of the people in it are career oppressionists who will tell the story they want the machinery to hear and convey? Ever heard of yellowcake, and other WMD fairy tales? The "writer' way too often has an agenda that is personal or political (in the worst sense.)

      On the other hand, any more, who the f___ cares? We are at that tipping point where all the myths and affectations and stories we hold so dear, the faith that "the constitution" will "protect" us, all disappear into the Matrix. There's subtle trolls here too, whispering in our sensitive ears that notion that "resistance is futile" and the best we can individually do is to steal as much as possible from our fellows, drive them down and stand on their shoulders to try to keep our heads above water as the tide that floats the rich folks' boats rises ever higher.

      "Is that all there is?" Peggy Lee.

      by jm214 on Sun Dec 30, 2012 at 06:06:15 PM PST

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    •  Thanks (1+ / 0-)
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      ...I know I should not conjecture, that we all bring biases with us, and that the sparse and parsed words provided us are designed to not reveal enough of anything.

      I think it is important news, but I've been around since Jack Anderson, this stuff often goes nowhere.

      •  I think it should go somewhere (0+ / 0-)

        whether it does or not will depend, it seems to me, largely on the methods chosen to forward the issue.

        Nothing human is alien to me.

        by WB Reeves on Mon Dec 31, 2012 at 02:59:30 AM PST

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