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  •  I have had several CVAs, granted small ones (0+ / 0-)

    but ones that left neurological deficits.  Should anyone attempt to injure one of my granddaughters, I would try to stop him by whatever means at hand to whatever extent is necessary.

    If I could I would retreat to the safe room and call 9-11 but assuming he breaches the room and threatens the grandkids, I will try to stop him.  I have an ewisa I use as a cane as well as various edged weapons but I also have several firearms which I would use in a heartbeat if necessary.

    I consider myself a pacifist dating back to 1973 but, while I have the right to decide if I should personally die in lieu of injuring another human being, I have no right to make that decision for my granddaughters.  If they wish to live, it is my duty to ensure that they are as safe as I can make them.

    Sadly, I guess that means you will dismiss anything else I say which is a pity because I have enjoyed our discussions.  However, I must assert that I have a responsibility to my family which supersedes my personal philosophies

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