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View Diary: Flesh-eating Bacteria for my B-Day and a Colostomy for Christmas. My December to Remember (30 comments)

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  •  Yeah not having the support and understanding (5+ / 0-)
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    of your family sucks.  Fundamentalism is one of the major national diseases.  Though I live in a really red state, I don't have to put up with much of the crazy directly and the least liberal of my friends would only be genuinely moderate.  Not much family left and the few are far away and aren't batshit though sort of conservative.

    I'm looking forward to your writing about the social services and medical care.  I think it's a great concern to most of us today.

    I'm wishing you a happy new year since it's got to be better than the last and hopefully it'll pick up more as the year progresses.

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