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View Diary: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton hospitalized with blood clot after concussion reports MSNBC (91 comments)

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  •  Best wishes to Secretary of State Clinton (4+ / 0-)

    I wish her a speedy recovery, but when I first heard I nearly jumped out of my skin.  My mother was wearing a pacemaker with a blood thinner to keep it from throwing  a clot.  It did throw a clot which went to her brain.  They treated her with blood thinners once they had scanned her brain to make sure there was no bleeding.  It didn't help. She was of a great age and she died in the hospital two weeks later.  My husband and I had found her that morning when she didn't wake up from her nap.

    It is also easy to get dehydrated from flu or any other disease where there is copious vomiting or diarhhea.  That is why they tell you to intake a lot of fluids and call the doctor if you feel dizzy.  Flu is very common though and people tend to underestimate how dangerous it can be if you have a severe case.

    As for the unrighteous fools who accused her of malingering I doubt they will ever apologize or comment. It takes compassion and intelligence to admit you are wrong, and they are lacking in both.  Not to mention that they lack in courage and honesty.

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