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View Diary: Fundraising and Financial Transparency at a For-Profit: Donating to Dailykos (172 comments)

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  •  I think quite frankly that this site is not (5+ / 0-)

    transparent enough. I would very much like to know who gets paid and preferably how much. HAHAHA.

    I would even like to see polls if the community thinks what the writers are paid is fair, too much or too little.

    I like to know who is staff. Only insider seem to know. Dailykos has become very large and very diverse. I wonder how much of it is appreciated and what is rather irrelevant to most of the registered users.

    I wonder what it costs dailykos to have kosTV and Radio and how many people actually listen to it.

    If dailykos asks to donate though it's a for-profit entity (even with a non-profit-like intention) it would be nice we would know more about the company's usage of it's revenues and if the way it's used is appreciated by the readership.

    Any kind of coop structure would seem more appealing, I think.

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