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  •  that kind of sentiment is disgusting (1+ / 0-)
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    peregrine kate

    and delusional.

    but i guess when it is howard dean, self-described "deficit hawk," and known before 2004 primaries as a centrist, but now very wrongly thought of as a "progressive," promoting horrible austerity, lots of people here embrace it, even though it is catastrophically stupid policy, and cruel.

    rich people will not feel any pain at all in paying more in taxes (for the same reason it will not affect their spending habits), whereas a family losing the extra EITC, child credit, payroll tax cut, plus having to pay higher income taxes, AND lose some government services (which have already been cut a lot by state governments) will be very painful and will ruin the economy.

    that would also drive the economy into recession, as it has done in many european countries, which would only exacerbate the recession you say middle class are still experiencing.

    people struggling through a recession with shitty low wage jobs can't afford to lose another $1500 per year.  and even if they could, there is absolutely no reason to take that money.  that money will not be spent on anything by the government, and it would not eliminate the deficit (especially since it would create another  recession).

    deficit is not the problem.  poverty and UE are the main problems.


    in addition to the negative effects on millions of poor and middle class people, the fiscal cliff's austerity is also totally moronic politically.

    if the economy is in recession again, D's will be blamed for it far more than R's (partly b/c obama is president, and partly b/c R's would obviously campaign for lower taxes, as they always do).

    R's would gain seats in congress, and possibly gain control of the senate (2014 map is advantageous for R's).

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