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    My parents weren't quite as poor as yours (teacher and social worker) but they did make me cover a significant portion (more than half) of my education.  If they had paid for it all, they wouldn't be comfortably retired now so it's all cool with me.  

    Seriously, who says it's bad to make kids pay for a chunk of their own educations?  Paying for mine made me appreciate it a lot more, and it took a huge burden off my parents.  Through busting my ass and frugality, I paid off my student loans within (IIRC) five years of graduating. It's called being an adult.  Kids today are way too coddled.

    •  I agree somewhat, but (6+ / 0-)

      honestly, I'd prefer higher education be free to anyone qualified for it.  I mean, I was lucky - I worked hard in high school and made the grades that qualified for scholarship.  But what if I'd only been an average student?  Or what if I was a good student but my SAT scores were under where they needed to be for a scholarship because I suck at standardized tests?  Or even if competition was a little stronger, so good student aside, there were some who were better?  Education more than pays for itself by having a more educated populace with higher earnings; it should be a no brainer to make it free or at least very heavily subsidized with grants so that anyone and everyone can go.

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      •  Oh, I absolutely agree (1+ / 0-)
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        The system as it exists places a horrible burden on middle class people.  I agree 1000 percent that education at all levels should be free to anyone who qualifies (and not available at any price to those who don't, e.g., a certain former president, but I digress...).

        In the world as it is, however, I don't think it unreasonable for a middle class family to ask their students to shoulder some of the load.  University is not summer camp.

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